welcome to the weekend

WTTW — a.k.a. Welcome To The Weekend! At the end of every week, RDM takes a step back, and introduces everyone to the weekend ahead.

Welcome To The Weekend!

OWS welcomes you to the weekend with the weekly WTTW post!

We end the week with a nice shot at blogger (and technology in general) from The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy. I agree with the point about accountability. However, is there really a reputable “blog style” website that is still anonymous? I thought we were getting passed this “blogger” thing. I guess not.

[via The Boston Globe]

Welcome (Back) To The Weekend!

OWS is back to welcome you to the weekend with another WTTW post!

When I started writing this post there had only been one post since September 5th. Today is October 5th. I’m not mathematician  but that’s just about a full month. Calling such a posting schedule sporadic would be an understatement. This has not exactly been the way things have gone here at OWS over the past 4  years. Shit, it’s been 4 years. That in itself is hard to comprehend.

But, onward and upward. There is nothing like a ridiculous analogy to get things rolling again.

Now, I’m back. OWS is back. But just how “back” are we really?


Welcome To The Weekend!

RDM welcomes you to the weekend. It’s a good WTTW!

How have I not seen this before? Have a great weekend.