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James Madison Takes Boise State Out Of BCS Championship Hunt

It’s only two games into the season. However, the Hokies have already destroyed two teams BCS championship hopes. First, of course, their own. Second, the hopes of Boise State.

On Saturday, VA Tech crapped the bed against James Madison in Blacksburg.

This clearly shows how Boise State’s win against Virginia Tech certainly does not make them national championship game bound. They still have work to do.

The problem; in which games can they prove their worth?


Welcome to the weekend!

erin-andrews-ny-post-peephole-coverageIt’s been a bit of a crazy week in world of the sports media. First the whole Erin Andrews thing hits the fan. Then the NY Post publishes photos from the video when even most sports blogs stay away from doing so. Then ESPN stands up for EA and bans NY Post reporters from ESPN’s airwaves.

Also, the LeBrons James tape(s) emerged. Oddly TMZ got worked and bought a crappy, blurry version while something called EbaumNation.com got a much better version.

Also this week, ESPN decided they are not going to report on Big Ben being accused of sexual assault. They finally caved in late Wednesday night saying, “…we’ve been observing how the story has progressed, monitoring other news outlets, and doing our own reporting. We decided to report the story tonight.” It still is not in there top ten NFL stories on ESPN.com.

There is a similar gag order here at OWS. (more…)

College Football betting

I’m awful at picking games in the realm of college football. I’m talking really bad. I’ve never been one to lose a ton of money gambling in general. I do enjoy the occasional sports bet, trip to the casino and home card game. Again these are all at lower limits.

I’ve realized something in the past 12 months; college football is not my thing as far as betting goes. I can’t pick games for the life of me.

I wish I could remember some of the games last year that had me infuriated but I can’t and maybe that’s for the better. It only took me one weekend of games this year to realize I need to pack it in and wait for NFL and college basketball.

Of course I am talking about this past weekend, the opening weekend for college football. I had been looking forward to games for a couple weeks leading upto this past weekend. In the middle of last week I decided I would place a bet or two.

Saturday morning came around and before I left to go to my alma mater opening game I decided to pull the trigger on at least one bet.

Here are some of the games I was looking at:

  • Pitt over Bowling Green
  • Clemson over ‘Bama
  • Tennessee over UCLA
  • Virginia Tech over East Carolina

These were the four biggest upsets of the weekend. Yes, of course there were a couple others that I have since pushed out of my mind but these are legitimately four of the finalists of which I decided upon Virginia Tech. I also opted to go straight up, no spread, looking for a GUARANTEE. As you may have seen East Carolina beat Tech on a blocked punt.

Now it isn’t that I thought Virginia Tech was an outstanding team nor do or did I believe East Carolina to be an awful team. In fact, having a friend that goes there, I know they are a solid team. But this should have been a lock without a spread!

I was shocked when I looked up the result on my phone during the game I was at. A blocked punt?! Beamer ball?! Really!? Guess they should not have taken a neutral game to start off the season.

Now, I have to add, I hate Virginia Tech also. Always have. I gave them a chance to win me over and Beamer took my money and ran! A blocked F’N punt, Beamer!?