The UFC Is Spreading Itself Too Thin

The UFC is the class of the sport of mixed martial arts. It always has been, and I’m damn near sure it always will be. It has been nearly 15 years since I first witnessed a UFC event. I fell in love with it nearly instantly. However, a whole lot has changed since then.

During this summer, the UFC will hold 5 events between June 22nd and July 21st. That’s essentially essentially 5 events in the span of just 1 month.

A half dozen years ago, the UFC held only 10 events in the entire year. Now they will put on 5 cards in just 1 month. That’s tremendous growth — a 170% increase in the number of event in a 6 year period.

Can the sport support this type of growth?


College Basketball Championship Week To Be Broadcast Online Via ESPN3 And Facebook

I’ve mentioned before about how well UFC has used Facebook, and social media in general. It looks like the NCAA has taken notice. The association that is home to 345 division 1 hoops teams will step up it’s social media game this March.

Starting tomorrow, Facebook will carry live ESPN TV coverage of 225 men’s and women’s college basketball games from the upcoming conference tournaments. According to the USA Today report, theseĀ ESPN3 broadcasts will be accessible on Facebook via colleges’ individual Facebook pages.

Of course, essentially all of these games were going to be available on ESPN3.com regardless of this new partnership. Right? So, are we really getting any value add here?


Welcome To The Weekend!

The Boston Herald is reporting that Monster.com will be slashing 400 jobs. In the same breath; the Herald and Monster want those workers to know they can use… Monster… for their now eminentĀ job search. So, maybe Monster is just cutting jobs to increase web traffic?

It could help. Maybe.