NFL Team Twitter Pages Getting Mouthy

I’m sure you have all seen how media personalities put a disclaimer in their twitter profile; “Opinions expressed here are my own.” That means they can say anything they want and not be held responsible, right? Well, regardless, I don’t think the Ravens official twitter even has such a disclaimer, nor should it.

Late last night the Ravens official twitter account re-tweeted a Brendon Ayanbadejo’s tweet. You can view the full screengrab here. It read:

Truth being told I am not sure I’m going to watch the unSuper Bowl since the two best teams are sitting at home #ravens #49ers

Giving this the ole RT (retweet) is a ringing endorsement from the Ravens front office. What else can we take that as? The Ravens media relations team has the job of assisting the organizations members to convey their agenda and feelings to the outside media. Loud and clear, guys. You think both the AFC and NFC championship games were fixed. Got it.

If ever there was a finable offense — you are looking at it.

Then there is the Giants official twitter page.


Twitter Could Be A Huge Headache For Agents Everywhere

Of course, so can the agent’s clients in general. Take a look at what Chris Johnson tweeted yesterday:

I don’t think you’re greedy, CJ. Although Johnson’s agent would agree with me, he can’t be thrilled with yesterday’s tweet from @ChrisJohnson28. Essentially saying “shut the fuck up” to the fans in your hometown market — a market where your agent is going to want you doing advertisements for car dealers and the local coffee shop — isn’t the the best idea financially.

A few days ago, there was the Arian Foster debacle. It started with him spouting off about fans only caring about fantasy football. Oh you mean that thing that is going to pay for Chris Johnson’s contract. Not to mention your next contract. That thing? At first it was a broad based attack. Later Foster directed his attention towards Colin Cowherd, who disagreed with Foster’s point of view. These were the latest incidents to make me think about the communication device that is twitter.

Out in California, Scott Boras is dealing with a different issue.


Blake Griffin Hits Squirrel, Mauls Casey Anthony

Good morning. If Blake Griffin wasn’t a likeable enough guy, now we find out that he loves small animals and hates baby killers. What a dude.

I just wonder if he was driving a Kia

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