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Monday Morning Hangover!

Every Monday of the NFL season we post a picture or video that sums up why we love NFL Sundays. It’s the Monday Morning Hangover! View previous week’s hangovers here.

The new face of “Tebowing”. A sad face, that is.

If anyone heard Phil Simms comments at the end of yesterday’s 41-23 dismantling, you would have thought Tim Tebow was the star of the game. And that the game in question was moderately close. Neither are true. I’m not sure what game Simms was watching, but he didn’t see what I saw yesterday evening. Simms gawked at how Tebow had actually proven something to the NFL pundits yesterday.


This Little Philly Kid Hates Tom Brady; It’s OK Because It’s Time For Welcome To The Weekend!

Every Friday RDM welcomes you to the weekend with a weekly rap-up post. View the “Welcome To The Weekend” post archive here.

A fantastic way to start the weekend here in Boston. I need to hear our Philly contributors thoughts on this — can we get a comment below?


Tom Brady Wants You To Get Lubed Up And Rowdy This Weekend

Yeah, start drinking early. Get nice and rowdy. It’s a 4:15 game, they’ll have a lot of time to get lubed up, come out here and cheer for the home team.

A Patriots spokesman later told the press that Brady meant that the fans “should stay hydrated, drink water and drink responsibly”. Yep, that’s exactly what he meant.