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It Pays To Be Provocative, If You’re Talented

Floyd Mayweather, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Alex Rodriguez. What do they have in common?

They are all divisive personalities. In fact, if you look at that list, you could literally think it’s a list of the most hated athletes on the planet today.

Well, ironically, that isn’t where I got this list of names. It happens that these are also currently 5 of the 6 richest athletes, as compiled by SI. The ironic part is that it isn’t their salary that puts them atop this list — it’s the endorsement deals.

I’d think that endorsement deals go to the affable, likable athletes. And, for the most part, they do. There is often some connection there. However, it seems there is a give and take between likability and pure talent. Really, when it comes to compensation, talent can replace likability, based on the income of these 5 athletes. if you are talented enough, likability almost goes out the window.

Maybe the top-tier of athlete can only achieve so much likability anyway. This could potentially be related to the “killer instinct” cliche we hear.

I think about it as some version of a production possibility frontier. Example:

Work with me here. Maybe in this example the green dot on the blue line could be Kobe Bryant. His likability to talent ratio leans a bit to the talent side, for example. The green dot on the red line could be Dwight Howard. He has achieved less total likability and has less talent. However, Howard falls more towards the likability side, rather than talent.


Learning To Love Golf

I don’t know much about golf. I certainly don’t know a whole lot about the history of the sport. Really, in the broad scheme of sports, I am a newbie. However, I think that’s what has drawn me closer to the PGA in recent years.

When it comes to the major sports, I have long forgotten the feeling of learning something nearly brand new each time I watch an event. That is what I felt around 2008 as I began to more closely follow professional golf. And, boy, did I pick a good starting point.

One of my first memories comes from the summer of 2008 at the US Open. That was when Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate had an epic battle at Torrey Pines.

I was hooked.


Welcome The The Weekend!

Every Friday RDM welcomes you to the weekend with a weekly rap-up post. View the “Welcome To The Weekend” post archive here.

As the weekend begins, I bring you comments from a Miami Heat Facebook cover photo.

Faulkner Josh Idowu: wow dis guyz are cool looking.

And so we begin…

Paul Mc: hair line recedings all day wooo

It’s true. Joel Anthony makes LeBron’s hairline look healthy. But still we get these…

Stefano Killuminati Mori this is photoshopped, look at lebrons hairline lol

I fear going bald like anyone else. However, I think I’d take LeBron’s life even if it meant losing my hair.

Aaron Cruz Atanacio: wade’s hands are oversized!

Those are some mitts — no surprise though.

Alpha Kane: lol only wade know how to dress

That’s the consensus. Yeah, sure, the color of LeBron’s sweater is not the norm, but his digs aren’t too bad. I can’t even tell what Joel has going on here. Chalmers is trying too hard. And Bosh can’t ever look good — he’s Bosh, the former Raptor’s mascot.