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From The Bleachers 3.31.11

As the end of the week approaches, a pair of OWS contributors banter about some of the important (and not so important) news items of the week.

Opening day around the country… the bleachers will be packed!

…baseball, Opening Day(s).

I’m very excited for the season. That being said, nothing puts me to sleep like the dull hum of baseball; I suspect I’ll fall asleep at least twice during the games. It has the same tranquilizing effect as a teacher lecturing. I always thought I could make millions marketing a white noise tape of a professor talking. You’ve heard “Sounds of the Rainforest,” now relax to “Prof. Jorgensen Outlines Neuroendocrine Systems of the Hypothalamus!”

It’s Opening Day today for Boston, and it’s snowing a pretty good clip. Luckily for the MLB, the Bo Sox play out in Texas, where I hear it will be almost 90 degrees. Spring is not exactly here yet in the Northeast.

He Practically Brankrupt A Casino And He Was A Ri-tard

“It’s not gambling when you know you are going to win.” -Zach Galifianakis, The Hangover

A friend of mine has been making a few large parlay bets in recent weeks. Sometimes some random stuff. This past weekend he ended up SMASHING a six team parlay.

Anyone who has done some gambling for an extended period of time knows that the parlay is known as a “sucker bet”. But damn it is enticing. Still, a bookie loves to see you parlay games — absolutely loves it. Still, the six team parlay is the crown jewel of betting. It’s rare to hit one of these. I’d love to know how many people even know someone who has hit one. Not to mention; who has actually hit one themselves?


Welcome to the weekend!

the hangover shots on vegas rooftopForget Transformers 2, I am hung up on The Hangover. From to of the creative geniuses of Four Christmases comes this Summers first big comedy. Yes, that’s right Four Christmases… I never saw it but I can only imagine how awful it is..

A little programming note; OWS will be shutting down early this coming week. We are going to be switching servers and slowly unveiling an updated design with an anticipated full launch on Monday July 6th.

Now on with the shenanigans… (more…)