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Could Owens Help Out Gang Green?

So, not to sound like the movie “Speed” but…. “Pop quiz hot shot, name the Jets receiving corps.” I bet most of you out there just failed our little pop quiz.

I honestly feel bad for Mark Sanchez. The Jets top three projected receivers for the 2012 season — Santonio Holmes, Stephen Hill and tight end Dustin Keller — were out with various injuries for last night’s matchup with the Houston Texans. (Holmes is out for the year with a knee injury suffered in last week’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers.) So now Sanchez gets to try and throw the ball to guys named Kerley, Cumberland and Schilens. I don’t mean to offend these guys but it’s no secret that this isn’t the scenario that the Jets drew up in camp, that these three guys would be the top 3 receivers. On top of not having decent receivers to help him out, the moment he made a mistake last night, the entire stadium started chanting Tebow’s name. We knew this was coming, everyone knew in March that this was coming but I still feel bad for him. And no, I am not a New York Jets fan.


Terrell Owens: I’m Not a Scrub


Terrell Owens Will Join Chad Ochocinco In Cincinatti

It is really happening according to Schefter. Shortly after the news broke Ochocinco tweeted:

…we like batman n robin, siskel n ebert, ying n yang, bonnie n clyde but you’re bonnie though

I don’t find TO to necessarily be a problem. I said a full two weeks back that there could be a lot worse players in your teams NFL locker room. Heck, the Bengals locker room can’t be any worse than it had been the last few years. So why not?

[H/T @Adam_Schefter]