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The Super-Conferences Affect On College Hoops, Geographic Rivalries

We are starting to hear from some of the prominent college basketball coaches in regards to the new “super-conference model”. The whole idea of these super conferences is centered around football. While often times football and basketball walk in lockstep, being the two revenue producing collegiate sports, this time hoops programs are going to be onlookers just like the other sports.

Yesterday Rick Pitino decided to take to his website to demonstrate his opinion on this matter. In Pitino’s blog post, titled “RED ALERT!!!”, Rick decided to take a shot at one of the schools which jumped from the Big East to the ACC in 2004:

Who could imagine Syracuse, a charter member leaving the BIG EAST?  Didn’t they check Boston College’s championship totals since leaving the BIG EAST — one, in soccer in 2005.

It sounds like Pitino doesn’t want to end up back in Conference USA. He is clearly not happy that the Big East basketball juggernaut is now at risk. Losing BC was nothing, that’s not the target of Pitino’s anger. Pitino hates to see a good situation ruined, and losing ‘Cuse and Pitt is step one of a disaster scenario.

Today we have Jim Boeheim taking his thoughts to the media. When asked about the prospect of moving the ACC tournament to Madison Square Garden, Coach Boeheim had this to say:


The Pac-10 Looking To Expand

The Pac-10 still has the same number in it’s name as  the number of teams that call it home. This is not always the case. For example, the Big Ten has moved to 11 teams and the Atlantic 10 to 14. Yesterday there was some talk of things changing out west.

Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott said Tuesday, “A Pac-10 network was something that we were going to seriously explore.” This is what is behind the talk about the Pac-10 possibly expanding to 12 teams. The timing is right for the conference to at least look into their options. It’s all about the money. The conference’s TV deals expire soon. I know that their contract with Fox Sports Net is set to expire after the 2011-2012 seasons.

The new benchmark for major BCS conferences has to be the SEC’s $2+ billion, 15-year contract with ESPN. Compare that to the Pac-10 TV deals which made about $43 million last year. (more…)

2009 OWS College Football Championship: Semifinals

If you missed the build up to the semis — you can view all the games here. The New Years Eve semifinals are in the books. Here is how they played out.

Ohio State vs. Florida

We join the action in the 4th quarter. It was a 34-31 Buckeyes lead with 4 minutes to go. Tebow and the Gators were driving. They got to the goal line with 3 minutes left on the clock. In fitting storybook fashion Tebow took it in himself.

The score was now 38-34 Gators. This gave Terrelle Pryor 2 minutes and 30 seconds to drive for a touchdown.

It took just 1 minute and 27 seconds for Pryor to drive and end up finding a receiver in the back of the end zone. Ohio State had the lead back with a minute to go — 41-38 Buckeyes.

The Ohio State D would hold. That would end up the final.

Ohio State 41, Florida 38 (more…)