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The Michael Wilbon, Dan Steinberg Beef And Why D.C. Does Suck As A “Sports Town”

Michael Wilbon is currently in the midst of a mud-slinging beef with another DC-area writer Dan Steinberg. Read all about it (with some apparent biases) here.

I can sum this whole thing up in on sentence. Wilbon said D.C. is a “terrible” sports town, while Steinberg disagrees.

Magary (at Deadspin) finds Wilbon to generally act like a smug prick to the common man. I don’t personally know either Steinberg or Wilbon. I’ve said maybe a dozen words to Wilbon at a conference or other sporting event. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is an asshole.

The thing is, Wilbon is likely right — D.C. really does kind of suck as a sports town. Many inhabitant of the District aren’t from there. In the long-run most could give a hoot about the Nationals, for example. But Wilbon did say one outright dumb thing during this whole thing. Wilbon, whose ritzy ass is said to be paid in the area of $8M by ESPN, stated that L.A. is a better sports town than D.C. What an awful example to use. L.A.? Really? I find those two cities to be two sides of the same coin. They both suck when it comes to sports fandome.


Turner Likely Buying Bleacher Report

Soon SI.com will no longer redirect you to sportsillustrated.cnn.com. Turner, CNN’s parent company and Sports Illistrated will be ending their partnership later this quarter. CNN had been “managing” SI’s web presence for several years. Essentially they were selling ads for Sports Illustrated. Now comes word that Turner is interested in buying Bleacher Report.

Turner is basically trading SI away for BR in return? It seems lopsided. And it is if you are talking about quality. Maybe we need a sports media commissioner. Obviously quality content is certainly not the only thing Turner is thinking about here. If quality were the most important trait, Bleacher Report wouldn’t be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Yep, six figures. Does that almost make you sick? Maybe it’s just me, due to my quasi sports media ties.


CBS Sports Terminating Gregg Doyel’s Employment?

If you mouse over the “and he will be dealt with accordingly” link — you see that you are being directed to the “Termination of Employment” Wikipedia page.

It must be a clever joke that we aren’t in on.

[via CBS Sports]