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NFL Week 5: Gambling Enabler

If you weren’t long the Browns on Thursday night, you have some catching up to do. There are a few spots on the week 5 schedule to make that happen. That’s right, it’s already week 5 and it’s time to recoup those losses. It’s time to turn the first four weeks of historical data into future betting profits.

Don’t Fall For The Colts

Luck’s late-game heroics have  been quite impressive. Apparently Vegas believes others have hopped on the Indy bandwagon, as I did. That said, the idea that Seattle (even on the road) is only 3-points better than Indianapolis is ludacris.

Pick: Seahawks -3

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

The Packers had a bye week during week 4. This week the Lions come to Lambeau. We watched the Lions impress last week, while the Pack were on the sidelines. Last we saw Green Bay they were falling apart gainst the Bengals. Could this line reflect that  idea that we are forgetting the Green Bay team that beat up the 49ers and looked to have an unstoppable offense?

Note: the over/under for this game is reaching the mid-50s, which is a lot for any game not featuring the Eagles defense.

Pick: Packers -7

Like The 2007 Patriots

This one  is simple. The Broncos are entering 2007 Patriots territory. No, no, not the idea of going undefeated. That will come later in the season. Rather, it’s the concept that Vegas has not yet fully adjusted for the juggernaut that is the 2013 Broncos. Manning is gunning to get his single-season TD record back and is looking like his team  will average 30+ points in doing so. Until further notice, take Denver.

It’s like picking stocks. In general, are Netflix and Tesla overvalued? Hell yeah. That does not mean the stock won’t continue to rise in price. So jump on board.

Pick: Denver -9

The Eagles Were Favored Against The Falcons

Andy Reid had never lost coming out of a bye week. This some how gave Vegas the genius idea to make the Eagles a 3-point favorite at home against the Falcons. The Eagles may have been undefeated coming off the bye, but the Falcons are actually undefeated this season.

The Eagles trailed by 17 points coming out of the half. FOX posted a statistic; the Eagles are 3-58 when trailing by 17-points or more at the half.

If anyone could blow this lead, it’s Matt Ryan.

NBA Referee Problems Continue

Rajon Rondo has to be suspended for game two of the Celtics first round match-up with the Atlanta Hawks. I have to start there to have any credibility given to what I will later say.

Last night Rondo screamed in the face of official Marc Davis, who then gave him a technical foul. After the technical foul was issued, Rondo kept walking towards Davis and bumped him in the back with his chest. That earned Rondo a second technical, an automatic ejection, and propably a suspension for contact with an official.

Rondo may deserve a suspension, in my opinion. However, it’s hard for me to blame him for what he did.

Taking a step back to the play immediately before the chest-bump incident; official Marc Davis made a terrible call giving the Hawks possession when the ball had clearly gone off an Atlanta player. At this point, doubt began to creep into my head.