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Marlins Trying To Make Money Off Halladay’s Perfect Game

I’ve been letting this one stew all day. In the case that you have not heard; the Marlins have let the Phillies take over. This is akin to the nWo invasion of WCW in the mid-90s.

“There have only been 20 perfect games in history,” Marlins president David Samson said. “To the extent that there is any demand for tickets for that game, and there is an availability of tickets, this just made sense.” So, the Marlins are actually selling the remaining tickets to the 20th perfect game in MLB history. A game in which they were essentially made to look inadequate.

You know how most team would have sold tickets to see the world champion Phillies, and their new ace? Maybe put a decent product on the field on a semi-perennial basis? Maybe?

Since putting a decent product on the field in Miami is a very cyclical thing, and thus seems out of the question, the Marlins chose this clever alternative approach. (more…)

Roy Halladay Thanks Toronto Fans, Takes Out Ad In Toronto Paper

Roy Halladay was nice enough to write-up a thank you note to the fans/city of Toronto. The ad appeared in the Dec. 22nd edition of the Toronto Sun.

This is quite thoughtful on the part of Roy. Especially considering that most of Toronto probably didn’t know he pitched for them. The Blue Jays faithful have not exactly been knocking down the door up at Sky Dome, the Rogers Centre or whatever you want to call it. I should also note that the Jays have the 5th largest park in all of baseball. Here are the Jays attendance records over the past decade:

Attendance (of 30)
2001 24
2002 25
2003 23
2004 24
2005 23
2006 18
2007 18
2008 18
2009 22

Not the most active fanbase, but this just makes Halladay’s gesture all that much nicer.

You can either squint and try to read the image to the left of you can read on for the transcript. (more…)

A Tale Of Two [Fantasy] Teams With JP Ricciardi And Mark Shapiro

This MLB trade deadline was a lot more like a fantasy leagues trading deadline than your common sports league trading deadline.

Here are two scenarios:

Toronto Blue Jays, JP Ricciardi
jp-ricciardi“JP’s Fantasy Jays” are like that last place team in a fantasy league. The team in which the owner hasn’t been updating the line-up and just generally neglecting their managerial duties up until this point.

Then the trading deadline comes around and to get a rise out of the rest of the league the owner (JP’s Fantasy Jays) wants to trade that one great player that they own (Roy Halladay). Now, of course, they are asking for way too much. They say, “Well, you need pitching! You have to give up a closer and 2 good hitters!”

Next, other teams drool over the thoughts of have a 1 – 2 punch or 1 – 2 – 3 punch that includes Roy Halladay. The offers are sent over to JP’s Fantasy Jays but he seems to keep brushing them off.

Last, everyone realizes that JP’s Fantasy Jays were never really going to let go of Halladay unless you traded so many players where you wouldn’t be able to field a team. (more…)