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Week 12 – Things That Caught My Eye

When you are facing any opponent, be it an inferior one or one that should run you out of the building, when you are facing them with your 3rd string QB, your 3rd starting QB in as many weeks, you as a team need to step up. Early on in the Pittsburgh / Cleveland game, it looked like the Steelers were going to do just that, step up but then the fumbles started coming. And they kept, coming and coming. They fumbled the ball 8 times, lost it 5 and then watched Charlie Batch throw 3 picks. Here’s the part that kills you if you are a Steelers fan. You’ve turned the ball over 7 times and you are driving with a chance to actually put you ahead on the scoreboard. THAT’S how bad the Cleveland Browns are. Of course the Steelers would cough it up one more time killing any chance of winning that they had but to say you had a chance while turning it over says a lot about a team. In most cases, turning the ball over 8 times would have the local high school team blowing you out.

Pittsburgh has to fix this in a hurry if they expect to survive without Big Ben. We knew the Baltimore games would be a dog fight without him but thought the Cleveland game was a gimme.

 Jets Need To Start Over

We have to go back to Thursday Night for this one but the New York Jets have become laughable at this point. I think the Jets have reached the point now where it is time to blow this team up and start over. The Rex Ryan era has to come to an end. Once again they’ve taken a back seat to the Giants and really this run they’ve had under Rex Ryan has been nothing but loud mouthed and overhypedBut that’s the kind of guy Rex Ryan is and that’s the kind of team he’s running and obviously it just isn’t working. Give New England credit, they are just crushing anyone and everyone in their way but to let the other team score 3 touchdowns in the span of :52 seconds it just inexcusable . The “Butt Fumble” will be shown on blooper reels for years to come so congrats Mark Sanchez, you did leave the NFL a highlight that will be with us long after you aren’t. Apparently, Fireman Ed is bailing on this team and you won’t see him at games anymore. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe they can get a new image now because to me,  Fireman Ed is the perfect symbol of what the New York Jets are, loud and obnoxious.

Dallas Too…

Another team that’s laughable at this point also played on Thanksgiving. As far as I’m concerned, as long Jerry Jones wants to call himself a GM, the Dallas Cowboys are going nowhere. They will never get a qualified coach and will never get the team run correctly. Of all the GM’s in this league, the Cowboys are run by the most unqualified GM. We couldn’t say that for a long time because Al Davis was in charge in  Oakland but since the moment Al Davis passed through the Pearly Gates, Jerry Jones took over that honor. Give Dallas some credit, they made a game of it and almost came back but to lose, at home, on Thanksgiving, to a rival, a rival with a QB I was screaming for Dallas to trade up and get it just embarrassing. They needed that game to have a prayer at the playoffs.

A few other things to note:

4th and 29 and you let them get a 1st down?? SERIOUSLY? Hey, if you’re the Cowboys, maybe you can talk Jerry into giving up control, talk Jimmy into coming back because Norv Turner is going to be looking for work. Dave Wannstedt might be looking for work as well as Buffalo isn’t very good.

Give San Fran credit, I thought switching up QB’s at this point might prove to be a dumb move but Colin Kaepernick looked pretty good yesterday.

Eli owns the Packers, there’s no other way to put it. A lot was made about Clay Matthews standing on the sideline last night but in the last 3 meetings, the Giants have put up 35 or more whether or not Matthews is in the game.

And finally… is the next Philadelphia Coach sitting in the broadcast booth tonight watching his future team??

The Eagles Were Favored Against The Falcons

Andy Reid had never lost coming out of a bye week. This some how gave Vegas the genius idea to make the Eagles a 3-point favorite at home against the Falcons. The Eagles may have been undefeated coming off the bye, but the Falcons are actually undefeated this season.

The Eagles trailed by 17 points coming out of the half. FOX posted a statistic; the Eagles are 3-58 when trailing by 17-points or more at the half.

If anyone could blow this lead, it’s Matt Ryan.

“Pick Six” for Week 5

Each Friday we will be giving you our “Pick Six” for the upcoming week’s schedule. Here is your Week 5 installment of “Pick Six”

Cleveland Browns @ NY Giants – The Browns are one of the league’s worst, sitting winless in the bottom of their division. For such a bad team, it’s hard to believe they’ve only given up 25 more points than they’ve scored, especially if you’ve watched them this season.  On the other side of the ball are the New York Giants, who also sit at the bottom of their division but at 2-2. It’s a small technicality that has them sitting there but none-the-less, there they are. They barely lost to the Eagles last week and in any given week I would take a squad being led by Eli Manning over one being led by Brandon Weeden (or 99% of the other QBs in the league.

This is a game that will prove how good New York is. If you are a good team, then you destroy those teams that you are supposed to be so much better than. I don’t think this one is close and I see monster games from Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre Paul. The Giants are favored by 9.5 at home and I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. I see a 2 TD win at the very least.

Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals – I think one is going to be a very close game. Yes, the Bengals got a good old fashioned ass kicking in week 1 when they played the Ravens but since then, they’ve won 3 straight and their defense looks a lot better, although their run defense is still mediocre. Miami, while 1-3, is not a team that is as bad as a 1-3 record would suggest.

If Miami is going to win, it’s going to be the ground game that wins this one for them. The Bengals have been inconsistent defending the run and the Dolphins are fourth-best at running the ball. That’s not a good matchup at all. Look for Miami to exploit the Bengals’ weak run defense with a good dose of Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller. A good ground game will limit the Bengals’ offensive opportunities, which you want to do because the Dalton, Green and Hawkins tandem will kill you given the opportunity.

Miami wins this one late in the 4th Quarter.