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Laffin’s NFL Survivior/Suicide Pool Picks: Week 7

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As we move into week 7 I feel as though I owe our readers a better explanation of what this post is.  Recently the comments on these posts have criticized the picks I’m making, saying they do not have guts and that anyone can make these picks.  These people have made it clear to me that I did not broadcast the nature of this post well enough.  So here goes.

This post is me making public the team I am taking in a survivor pool I am in. 80 people bought in @ $20.00 a piece (that’s a total of $1600.00 for the winner).  With the potential to win $1600.00 and only spend 20, I am making my picks with extreme caution.  I do not win more money for riskier picks, nor am I trying to make a name for myself as an NFL guru.  I am playing to win, and I figure I am not the only person in a survivor league out there (I know there are at least 79 others) so if my strategy and the picks I make can help someone else win money, why not put them online.  I went 16-1 last year and won it all last year, so unless last year was a fluke, and the fact that I am 6-0 thus far this year is a fluke, I feel my strategy is working pretty well.  So for those of you who I am helping, I will continue to post.  Those of you who were looking for more in this post, I apologize.  And now that the explanation is out of the way, here are my picks thus far, and for this week: (more…)

NFL Pick ‘Em Final Results and Analysis

Here are the picks for Week 17. Kevin had too much eggnog and could not get his picks in.

Game Spread Kevin Rory Mike
Raiders +13.5 x x
Buccaneers -13.5
Lions +10.5 x
Packers -10.5 x
Cowboys +1
Eagles -1 x x
Giants +6.5 x
Vikings -6.5 x
Bears +3 x x
Texans -3
Panthers -3 x x
Saints +3
Rams +15 x x
Falcons -15
Chiefs +3
Bengals -3 x x
Jaguars +11.5 x
Ravens -11.5 x
Titans -3
Colts +3 x x
Browns +11
Steelers -11 x x
Dolphins +3 x
Jets -3 x
Patriots -6 x x
Bills +6
Seahawks +3.5 x
Cardinals -3.5 x
Redskins +3
49ers -3 x x
Broncos +9 x
Chargers -9 x

This pick ’em experiment was to see how we would do against other sports minds who pick NFL games on a weekly basis.

Here is a comparison of CBS Sportsline and OWS:

Harmon 129 126 Rory 136 107
Prisco 121 134 Kevin 128 100
Judge 138 117 Mike 120 123
Madden 129 126
Richard 142 113
TOTAL 659 616 TOTAL 384 330
0.516863 Win

Overall, we had the higher winning percentage; calculated as wins/wins+losses.

And if you look at our individual records they fit in with those over at CBS.

A couple notes; CBS always used lines that had no evenly rounded numbers. This takes away the dreaded 7 point and 3 point spread in favor of the much friendly 2.5 & 3.5 and 6.5. & 7.5. For this reason, they had zero pushes all season.

Any avid gambler would agree that the lines we used were more challenging.


NFL Picks: Week 16 Results and Standings

Here are the standings updated for our NFL Picks: Week 16:

STANDINGS Correct Incorrect
Kevin 128 100
Rory 126 102
Mike 108 120

Not a great week; Rory and Kevin went 7-9 while Mike was 4-12.