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Goodell Should Not Have Let Suspended Saints Staff Attend Sunday Night’s Game

In an earlier post, Darren mentioned that the commissioner deserved some applause for allowing Sean Payton and company to take in the Saints game from a suite in the Superdome last night. Mark this down as the first time Darren and I disagree. However, I’m sure there will be many more instances going forward.

Commissioner Roger Goodell should not have made any exceptions for last night’s game. Either the offending parties are suspended, or they are not.

This isn’t the first time Goodell has started to cave regarding the Saints unprecedented suspensions. The commissioner previously granted Payton permission to attend Willie Roaf’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and during week 3 allowed Gregg Williams to see his son coach for the Rams in their game against the Seahawks.


NFL Week 5 – Things That Caught My Eye

Who Dat In The Record Books (again)??!!

I think this column HAS to start with the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees went into this game hoping to guide his team to their first W and hoping to break a 52 year old record, a record that my dad used to tell me was unbreakable but I’ll get that in a minute. I’ll give a slow clap to the Commish for allowing a number of currently suspended Saints personnel to attend the game and watch Brees as he had a chance to break the record.

The Saints FINALLY got into the win column. To me, the thing that stands out the most when talking about the Saints this year ishow weak the Saints defense seems to be. Brees is a great QB but to constantly be in a position where you need  to battle back and get the game tied up is mentally draining on any QB. Good for them on getting the W because the Saints have too much talent to be an 0-for team. Dare I say they may have been the best 0-4 team in the history of the NFL going into this weekend?

Now, as for Brees, the guy is amazing. A no doubt a future hall of famer but I do have to separate what Johnny Unitas did and now what Drew Brees has done.  The NFL has turned into a QB’s league. Long gone are the days of smash mouth football where you give it to your back and he seems to do most of the work. You know the kind of football that was played when Johnny Unitas was throwing touchdowns.  So for me, to see a QB set a record like Unitas did back then is truly remarkable. However, defensive players now are so much better than they were back then and the game is just so different so I can’t take anything away from what Brees has done. I don’t think I could throw a TD in a single game, let alone 48 of them in a row. So congrats Drew Brees on an amazing career thus far, I just wonder at what number does your streak end.


Sue Roger Goodell And You Get Your Suspension Reduced?

The NFL says, “No.” That’s not the case. There is a rumor circulating that the NFL may reduce Jonathon Vilma’s year long suspension to just 8 games.

“Today’s report about a settlement offer by the league to Jonathan Vilma is completely inaccurate,” the league said in a statement.  ”No such settlement offer has been made.  We will continue to respect the court proceedings on this matter and have no further comment at this time.”

Lets hope Vilma’s suspension stands. Why do I say this? It’s not because I dislike the Saints. In fact, over the last several years, I’ve become an honorary member of “who dat nation.” Having Drew Brees perennially on your fantasy team will do that. So why the hate here? I dislike seeing unnecessary lawsuits, in general. If Vilma played the role in the bounty scandal which has been reported — then he deserves to be gone for all of 2012. If he is butt-hurt that Goodell called him out, he should be able to let it roll off his shoulders.