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From The Bleachers 6.8.12

As the end of the week approaches, a pair of OWS contributors banter about some of the important (and not so important) news items of the week.

…Taco Bell selling 100 million Dorito tacos.

I think you need to hand it to Taco Bell for finding the right balance of disgusting and novelty. Like, remember those places that made those burgers where the buns were donuts? That was novel, but it was a little too far on the disgusting scale. Now, the stuffed crust pizza was a low level of gross, but it wasn’t weird enough for people to need to go out and try it. The Dorito taco hits that sweet spot. I think the ultimate yardstick is if you can get a bunch sorority girls to buy into it. If they don’t make a face like someone put a plate of shit under their nose AND if they don’t start texting out of indifference, you have a winner.
The Dorito taco is 100% genius. I don’t eat Taco Bell. I don’t buy Doritos. Yet, ever since seeing the commercials, I want one. I’ve really wanted to try it. It hasn’t happened yet. Taco Bell — send us a couple Dorito tacos, please.

LeBron Buckles Down, Forces A Game 7

Apparently there has not been a game seven conference final game since 2005. When Mike Breen brought this up last night, Van Gundy wasn’t feeling it. “So compelling,” Jeff sarcastically said.

It actually is, though. In a world where many people believe the NBA to be a bit of a “show” as opposed to a true competitive game, I wouldn’t have thought that it’d be 6 years since the last conference final game seven.

We’ve been waiting for James to have that defining game. Last night Bron Bron strapped in for a superstar performance.


NBA Referee Problems Continue

Rajon Rondo has to be suspended for game two of the Celtics first round match-up with the Atlanta Hawks. I have to start there to have any credibility given to what I will later say.

Last night Rondo screamed in the face of official Marc Davis, who then gave him a technical foul. After the technical foul was issued, Rondo kept walking towards Davis and bumped him in the back with his chest. That earned Rondo a second technical, an automatic ejection, and propably a suspension for contact with an official.

Rondo may deserve a suspension, in my opinion. However, it’s hard for me to blame him for what he did.

Taking a step back to the play immediately before the chest-bump incident; official Marc Davis made a terrible call giving the Hawks possession when the ball had clearly gone off an Atlanta player. At this point, doubt began to creep into my head.