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The Harvard Crimson “Feel Good” Story

It’s legit. In the short term; keep on feeling good. In fact, take the quotes off the title of this post. Harvard making the NCAA basketball tournament for the first time in 60 some odd years is fucking awesome.

Though, if there’s one thing the Jeremy Lin story has taught me, it’s that we don’t need to root for Harvard guys. They are going to be OK regardless. Yes, that includes their hoops team. Maybe the vast majority won’t be NBA players. However, they will find a job in the NBA corporate office, or something. I’m not concerned for their well-being.

Still, Harvard, in the basketball arena, is a “little guy.” It’s fun to root for those types of teams come March. Maybe a run in the tourney by an Ivy League team wouldn’t be quite the same as previous runs by Gonzaga, Butler, Virginia Commonwelth or George Mason.

That said, one of the best parts of the above teams March runs is how the universities were able to keep their head coaches in place. Of course, this bliss can often only last so long.


Michigan Wolverine Grandmas Shotgun Beers

Happy Monday morning.

Shit, I’m excited to attend a college football game, and subsequent tailgate this coming weekend. I was ready before seeing this video, but these grannies really got my tailgating juices flowing.

[Video via MGoBlog]

Jim Tressel Finally Gave In

After damning evidence built up for months and months, this weekend Jim Tressel finally gave in. Monday’s resignation means that Tressel leaves an estimated $14M on the table at Columbus. With that kind of money still guaranteed just by sticking this out, clearly Tressel had not choice but to retreat at this point.

The choice for Tressel to step down comes just one week before Sports Illustrated was to publish a massive investigatory piece on Tressel and Ohio State football. That report surfaced on Monday afternoon.

While Tressel was in Columbus, the Buckeyes went 9-1 against arch rival Michigan. During this time OSU went to 8 BCS Bowl games, 3 national championship games and the 2002 national title. It was a dream run. In 2011, that dream became a nightmare.