michael vick

Monday Morning Hangover!

The marquee match-up of week two took place on NBC last night. Philadelphia, led my Michael Vick, was in control of last nights game for much of the contest. However, a 3rd quarter hit knocked Mike Vick out of the game. This morning he is believed to have suffered a concussion on the hit. This means Vick should be out for at least next week.

Shortly after the hit, Vick retreated to the locker room. On his way he decided to point to the scoreboard as Falcon’s fans showers him with boo’s.

Final score; Eagles 31, Atlanta, 35. Oops. Blame it on a cloudy head due to that concussion.

Welcome To The Weekend! Now, Grab A Drink!

So, the take away here is that it’s harder to get fat girls drunk, than it is to get skinny girls drunk. And it’s really easy to get a small, Asian women drunk. Thank you, Wall Street Journal. Duly noted for the weekend.


Glory Days In Philly For Eagles Fans

The Eagles have been making some serious moves this summer.

Even their star player Michael Vick couldn’t believe the moves the team has pulled off. He sent a text message to Andy Reid;

“You guys at it again. You crazy.”

That is according to CSN Philly. It’s probably similar to my reaction as well.

Philly started on July 28th by acquiring Defensive End Jason Babin (Titans). OK, whatever. That same day Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Cardinals) became the newest Eagles after Philly sent Kevin Kolb to the desert. That one was rumored for days. Then things started getting interesting.

Quarterback Vince Young (Titans) agreed to a one-year contract the next day, July 29th. I thought that was as interesting as the day could get for the Eagles. Nope. Later that day, Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (Raiders) signed a five-year, $60 million contract. Glad, I held off on that “LOL. Vince Young?” text message to my friends in Philly. It was a… solid… week for the team, to say the very least.

This week, the Eagles signed Running Back Ronnie Brown (Dolphins) to a one-year contract. Ronnie Brown shouldn’t exactly set the NFL-world ablaze in the city of brotherly love, but the signing really goes to show you something. Players want to be a part of what the Eagles are doing.