march madness 2011

Uconn Students Quasi-Riot After Championship Win

I wrote it yesterday; all student riots need to include the flippage of a piece of crap car. Unfortunately these guys didn’t exactly have what it takes. The 2004 riots are clearly > the 2011 riots. This only proves my point from yesterday’s article — the art of the riot seems to be lost on this generation.

Maybe it’s a good thing. But, it certainly makes things far less interesting to write about. I bet the car would have been easier to flip over if they had lit it on fire first. C’mon Connecticut!

Check out the “rowdy” Huskies celebrate to Usher after the jump.


March Madness 2011: Monday, March 28th

It’s gone by so quickly for me. The Final Four is set. One of the games features the two highest combined seeds, ever. That is the #11 VCU Rams and the #8 Butler Bulldogs. That’s the major story here.

Going into last weekend, or even prior, we all wanted to know who would be this year’s Butler. Well, it turns out, it may be Butler. Regardless, we will indeed have a mid-major playing for the national championship. I, for one, am thrilled.

How can this not be a great thing? The only entity that should be unhappy is CBS. There is no way that the ratings for a VCU -Butler game will come close to a Florida – Kansas game. A game without either Florida or Kansas was CBS’ worst nightmare. But that is exactly where we are.


March Madness 2011: Friday, March 25th

Who won the Kyrie / Kemba /Jimmer battle on Thursday? Derrick Williams. Weird. For some people who didn’t know about Williams until the last few weeks. This guy has been a top 3 NBA pick all season. He didn’t just come out of nowhere this postseason. He’s been a beast all year. However, no one saw this level of production from Williams.

Here is that class:

Williams was probably the 5th best player of Sean Miller’s first class. You can imagine all the questions. He’s a legit 6’7 but didn’t have the shot and ball skills he possesses now. So, where do you play him?

Boy does Miller look good for getting after this guy once he landed the gig in Tucson. He obviously saw something. Williams may be playing himself from a top-5 pick, to the number one overall pick.

I hope he has the balls to wear the 23 in Cleveland. Imagine?

Tonight’s Games:

Marquette vs. North Carolina -4.5

Marquette is playing out of there minds. However, they are playing out of there minds on defense. It would seem that would be more sustainable than just getting hot on offense.