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From The Bleachers 9.22.11

As the end of the week approaches, a pair of OWS contributors banter about some of the important (and not so important) news items of the week.

…the NASA satellite that’s crashing back to Earth.

I hope a piece of it crashes through my bedroom ceiling. Then, a bunch of stuff happens with wormholes and time traveling and guys in bunny suits that I don’t understand, but I enjoy it because it’s being scored by Tears For Fears. In the end, I tell people I understood what happened and enjoyed every minute of it to sound smart.
I love that damn movie. I believe that is saying a lot for two reasons. First, I hate 99% of movies. Second, I hate anything resembling sci-fi. Unfortunately I’d say you have a better chance of living out a scene from another Jake Gyllenhaal movie this weekend…

Manny Ramirez Arrested In Domestic Disturbance

According to TMZ, Manny Ramirez has been arrested. He was taken from his Florida home Monday night around 7pm. Manny’s wife Juliana, pictured above, was seen leaving the couples home shortly after Manny was taken away in a police car.


Welcome To The Manny Ramirez Retirement Party!

That might be my favorite video. Ever. Regardless, Manny Ramirez was definitely one of my favorite baseball player since circa 1996. Today Manny, finally, called it a career. I would run down video of all of Manny’s marquee moments, but Major League Baseball does a great job at making sure their brand/product is not advertised for free on YouTube. Good job, guys. That being said, I have collected some goodies from the one and only, Manny.