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Welcome To The Weekend!

RDM welcomes you to the weekend. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. It’s WTTW!

As we head into this weekend, I want to ask a question. It’s a question that I must ask myself, really. Will football be the revival of OWS?

Posts have been few and far between of late. That’s because the summer is a whole other animal. No one wants to be inside writing on a computer screen. Or at least I don’t. Moreover, there isn’t jack going on, generally. No NFL (until now), no college football, no college hoops, no nothing.

Football might just breathe new life into my passion for writing on here. Football just seems to crank out big time stories. How about an example. Today LSU gave Tyrann Mathieu the boot.

No more Honey Badger for Brent Musburger to fawn over. I mean, that’s some big time stuff. LSU is the preseason #1 team.


The Clippers Are The Best Team In LA

At least they were last night. In front of 18,997 at the Staples Center, the Clippers showed their potential right off the bat. That’s right — a sold out preseason game. This goes to show that this wasn’t the run of the mill exhibition game. The Lakers season ticket holders weren’t just giving these tickets away to friends and family. That’s what you usually do with exhibition hoops tickets. Not last night — the newly relevant Clippers were coming to town. It was as must see as any preseason game can be.

If you weren’t in Hollywood, you could have also caught the game on NBA TV. If you did, you would have seen this:


The Chris Paul Saga Is Over; Cut Stern Some Slack On This One

Now we can all stop complaining about how David Stern and the NBA handled this situation. It’s over. This was definitely not a situation that David Stern and the NBA wanted to have to deal with. In the end, Paul is headed west to L.A. No, not the Lakers. It’s those loveable Clippers that will gain his services, at least for 2012-13. Sure it was a bit messy, but the deal is done.

In general, having the commissioners office own an NBA team isn’t exactly the way the league drew it up.

Stern even joked about it a bit during last night’s conference call announcing the Chris Paul trade. When asked if he would recommend that this type of arrangement never be made again Stern said, “Oh, no, I’m out looking for teams to buy (laughing). I would recommend only to the most hardy with the thickest of skins that they do this.”