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Belichick Hosts Bon Jovi At Practice; Haley Attends Lil’ Wayne Concert

Yesterday the Patriots head coach invited Jon Bon Jovi to practice in Foxboro. It is well known that Belichick is a huge Bon Jovi fan. On a side note; Bon Jovi sure is wearing a similar outfit to when he visited Gillette last year, huh?

Two nights ago the Chiefs head man attended a Lil’ Wayne concert. Yes, 44 year old Todd Haley at a Lil’ Wayne show.

Who do you think has the better musical taste? If you read this site often, you would know that I am with Todd Haley on this. I mean, check out some of my hip hop references.

Does this just go to show how out of touch Belichick has been?


Deion Sanders, Jr.’s Freestyle Rap

That is Deion Sander’s kid, of course, Deion, Jr. Aptly named Junior because we all know Deion Sanders loves himself some Deion Sanders. Also, there is no surprise that Deion, Jr. is indeed a high school football player.

He plays his high school ball in Texas. According to Rivals, the senior has only one offer. That offer is from Conference USA’s Houston Cougars. Being a senior, with only one reported offer doesn’t exactly classify Junior as a world-beater. I’d have to image that this kid has had every opportunity to showcase himself. Having “Primetime” as your pops can’t hurt your football recruitment.

Watch The Throne Lives Up To The Hype

A couple of days ago, Billboard reported that “Watch The Throne” was on pace to break the half million sales mark in the first week. Everyone has their predictions regarding what the threshold is for the album’s sales.

To put that 500k number into context; the biggest overall digital sales week ever for an album is held by Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. In it’s first week, Gaga moved 662,000 downloads (and a total of 1.1M albums) earlier this year.

In an age when people can sample the music before they buy it, and word of mouth travels faster than ever before, Jay and Kayne are moving units. I guess there was no question whether or not that would be the case. Personally, the question that I had when I first listened to “Watch The Throne” was whether or not it would live up to the hype.

Maybe this post should be titled, “Watch The Throne Lives Up Yo MY Hype”. In a sentence, that’s my review of the album. It’s good. That said, it’s definitely different.