fenway park

Red Sox Fan Tackled On Field At Fenway

That’s a perfect form tackle from the Fenway security. I wonder if Goodell would have fined him for driving the guy into the ground, or some other bull.

Red Sox Really DO Want Johnny Damon Back

‘Duk over at Big League Stew brings up some good points and asks if the Red Sox really want Johnny Damon back.

There are certainly reasons to doubt Boston’s desire to add payroll (even if only for a month). There is a good chance the Red Sox are already out of the AL East race. The Wild Card could slip away during any series at this point.

However, I think the Sox front office has made this move due mainly to potential monetary and PR benefits.


Dr. Dre At Fenway For Opening Night

Dr. Dre and LeBron James were in a luxury box for last night’s Sox-Yankes game. Looks like LeBron didn’t have the balls heart to sport the Yankees cap after getting beat at the Garden earlier in the day.

As far as Dre goes; does he ever take those Beats headphones off? (more…)