Excuse Me Sir, Your Child Is Trying To Hang Himself At The US Open

You know this kid’s father is that middle-aged guy yelling, “Get in the hole!” every time Tiger take a swing.

[screen grab from ESPN]

Why Dan LeBatard And His Dad Don’t “Work” On ESPN

Dan LeBatard is made for radio. He’s utilized best in places where he can talk about boobs, bitches, drugs and debauchery. His “thing” just doesn’t translate to TV all that well. It doesn’t really work.

Here’s when LeBatard is at his best:


Former Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn Gets A Twitter Pep-talk From Magic Johnson

Brian Dunn stepped down as the CEO of Best Buy last week. Originally, the Wall Street Journal reported that Dunn’s resignation had nothing to do with the board’s investigation into Dunn’s “personal conduct.”

Today the WSJ published a piece containing an update about Best Buy’s personal conduct investigation. Specifically, the Wall Street Journal confirms that Best Buy is exploring whether Dunn misused company assets in the course of an alleged relationship with a female subordinate.  The women is a 29-year-old who worked in leadership training at the company’s Richfield, Minnesota headquarters. Dunn is 51 years-old and married.

One week ago –the very same day that Best Buy announced Dunn would be stepping down — Magic Johnson took to Twitter to show support for the former CEO.