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Welcome to the Weekend: College Football Opening Weekend Edition F/ Erin Andrews

erin-andrews-oprah-couchThe ‘F/’ in the title is shot for ‘featuring’… what did you think it meant?

It’s an exciting weekend, and one that makes you wish you were at or at least near some quality college football. If that is the situation you are in; relish it.

Everyone gets a little giddy even a pro like AE.

This photo emerged on Thursday of Erin Andrews at her taping on the Oprah show. Not too sure what is going on but it’s safe to say my tivo will be recording Oprah for the first time next Friday. I swear it’s the first time. (more…)

And The 2009 College Football Season Is Underway

erin-andrews-college-football-openerHappy days! And, look, EA is back on the sidelines!

Tonight we have:

South Carolina (-5) @ NC State [ESPN]
Featuring the sideline stylings of Erin Andrews

Utah St. (+21) @ Utah
Utes trying to start off this season like the last one when they went undefeated. You remember the one; when they beat the piss out of ‘Bama in the Sugar Bowl. (more…)

Welcome to the weekend!

erin-andrews-ny-post-peephole-coverageIt’s been a bit of a crazy week in world of the sports media. First the whole Erin Andrews thing hits the fan. Then the NY Post publishes photos from the video when even most sports blogs stay away from doing so. Then ESPN stands up for EA and bans NY Post reporters from ESPN’s airwaves.

Also, the LeBrons James tape(s) emerged. Oddly TMZ got worked and bought a crappy, blurry version while something called EbaumNation.com got a much better version.

Also this week, ESPN decided they are not going to report on Big Ben being accused of sexual assault. They finally caved in late Wednesday night saying, “…we’ve been observing how the story has progressed, monitoring other news outlets, and doing our own reporting. We decided to report the story tonight.” It still is not in there top ten NFL stories on ESPN.com.

There is a similar gag order here at OWS. (more…)