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ESPN’s New Endorsement Policy

ESPN’s corporate blog posted the companies new endorsement policy yesterday.

First, it is incredible to think that companies want to have a sports personality endorse their products. It’s a television personality. Although, I’m sure the major networks have similar policies, I don’t think as many companies are knocking down Brian Williams door. Then again, with his $8 million salary, he doesn’t need it.

I’m thinking this one is going to more heavily effect the women of ESPN.

First, we look into the policy. The baseline for the guideline is that all talent must get ESPN’s permission in advance of accepting any endorsement. Additionally, the policy outlines three categories of endorsements that are not permitted, and some potential categories which could create issues.


The Summer Of Erin Andrews, And Jenn Brown?

I have been on the Summer of LeBron and Summer of Wade thing since the NBA trade deadline. I forgot one of the bigger free agents that will be hitting the market this Summer: Erin Andrews. Actually, her contract with ESPN is up on the same day of NBA free agency at the end of this month.

Erin told the USA Today that she has received “multiple job offers” from both sports and entertainment shows and networks. Helping her mainstream appeal is a horrific peeping Tom scandal and an appearance on Dancing with the Stars. (more…)

Tiger Woods Golf Channel Interview

Tiger passed the first test. We are yet to hear any stories about Tiger getting with Gold Channel personality Kelly Tilghman. It looks like Tiger has turned the page.

At least ESPN was civil and sent Rinaldi to do the interview. Imagine if they had sent EA over to Tigers for this thing. Tiger would have immediately relapsed.

ESPN video interview if you… (more…)