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Unimpressed With Brees Breaking Marino’s Record

There are five NFL quarterbacks that have accumulated over 4,500 passing yards in 2011. In the entire history of the NFL, before 2011, there have only been 22 instances of a QB breaking the 4,500 mark. If you look at only pre-2008 seasons, that list if cut to just 14 instances.

Brees breaking Marino’s record is nothing more than a glaring reminder of the new brand of NFL football. Passing is the name of the game.


Monday Morning Hangover!

Every Monday of the NFL season we post a picture or video that sums up why we love NFL Sundays. It’s the Monday Morning Hangover! View previous week’s hangovers¬†here.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. All things considered, there was a lot going on in the sports world over the long weekend. We saw maybe the coolest touchdown in the history of the NFL. And, thanks to us, two million people got to watch the replay online (#humblebrag).

Beyond the best TD ever, there was a whole lot more going on on Christmas Eve. The Tebow stock continues to fall more steeply than Best Buy’s will tomorrow morning. The Jets and Rex Ryan reverted back to the redheaded stepchildren of the New York metro-area, once again.

Tonight we might just get to see Drew Brees break Dan Marino’s single-season yardage record. He is 305 yards away. There have only been 3 games this season in which Brees did not surpass 300 yards.


Welcome To The Weekend!

We’ve made it this far! A 5.9 magnitude ‘quake? Pff, nothing. The east cost goes hard. Although¬†I can only imagine how many people in D.C. and even NYC that thought the ‘quake was a terrorist attack. I know that would have been my first thought. Sadly, that’s definitely the world we live in now.