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The College Hoops Season Is Underway

It’s the return of some of the best sporting atmospheres in the country. It’s college hoops season. I posted the full schedule for the college hoops marathon when it was announced in late August. I was excited immediately. But that doesn’t jump off until next Tuesday, though.

The games started just last night. There was nothing important to note, but that’s not the point. The season is upon us.

I have been going through some preview articles that have been published over the past couple months. The content ranges from the extremely interesting to the more mundane. Shall we take a stroll?


Welcome to the weekend!

“Happy Friday!” Those were the first two words I read in my email inbox this morning. Every email sent out on Friday should start or at least end with those words. Better yet, maybe both.terrell-owens

KSK is [kinda] reporting that T.O. and Rosenhaus were spotted early this morning at a Tennessee airport. I would assume that Rosenhaus Sports can afford direct flights and doesn’t need early morning stop-overs in Tennessee to save some scratch.


The obvious joke pertains to how is Vince Young, who has the emotional stability of a small child, going to react to T.O. calling him out for not getting T.O. the ball,


over throwing a ball or being gay…

What about Kerry Collins? Having T.O. in the fold in Tennessee is the surest way to push him off the wagon again. (more…)

WSJ Studies Road Team Winning Percentages

The Wall Street Journal just concluded a study of road team winning percentages throught the major sports of the world.

The study concludes  that fans, over other natural conditions, have a greater effect on the ability for a team to win on the road.

That being said, you can now guess that College Basketball and something called Soccer are among the toughest sports to obtain a win away from home.


Something that also sticks out is how low the NBA is on this list–I didn’t think it would be quite that drastic a difference home vs road. On the other hand I thought that the NCAA FBS might be a little lower.

Not as surprising the NHL and MLB being at the top. It seems that any team can win on any given night and this just goes to prove that.

The Toughest Place to Win in Sports [WSJ]