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“Pick Six” for Week 5

Each Friday we will be giving you our “Pick Six” for the upcoming week’s schedule. Here is your Week 5 installment of “Pick Six”

Cleveland Browns @ NY Giants – The Browns are one of the league’s worst, sitting winless in the bottom of their division. For such a bad team, it’s hard to believe they’ve only given up 25 more points than they’ve scored, especially if you’ve watched them this season.  On the other side of the ball are the New York Giants, who also sit at the bottom of their division but at 2-2. It’s a small technicality that has them sitting there but none-the-less, there they are. They barely lost to the Eagles last week and in any given week I would take a squad being led by Eli Manning over one being led by Brandon Weeden (or 99% of the other QBs in the league.

This is a game that will prove how good New York is. If you are a good team, then you destroy those teams that you are supposed to be so much better than. I don’t think this one is close and I see monster games from Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre Paul. The Giants are favored by 9.5 at home and I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. I see a 2 TD win at the very least.

Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals – I think one is going to be a very close game. Yes, the Bengals got a good old fashioned ass kicking in week 1 when they played the Ravens but since then, they’ve won 3 straight and their defense looks a lot better, although their run defense is still mediocre. Miami, while 1-3, is not a team that is as bad as a 1-3 record would suggest.

If Miami is going to win, it’s going to be the ground game that wins this one for them. The Bengals have been inconsistent defending the run and the Dolphins are fourth-best at running the ball. That’s not a good matchup at all. Look for Miami to exploit the Bengals’ weak run defense with a good dose of Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller. A good ground game will limit the Bengals’ offensive opportunities, which you want to do because the Dalton, Green and Hawkins tandem will kill you given the opportunity.

Miami wins this one late in the 4th Quarter.


AFC Wildcard Weekend Preview

Here we go. It’s football tourney time. It’s the only one we got. That is, unless you are super into FCS collegiate football.

The pro football dance starts Saturday It finally got cold this week up here in the Northeast. It’s starting to feel like playoff football weather. That said, of course two of the four games this weekend take place inside a dome. This includes the first game this Saturday.

Saturday (4:30 PM EST)

Bengals (+3) @ Texans

No more hugs. It’s almost time to tee it up.

The Cincinnati Bengals are in fact underdogs this weekend. It’s somewhat rare but the Bengals are actually getting the majority of the betting action. They are the sexy upset pick. How come?

This is a league where quarterback play rules the day more than ever now. This game is an interesting one in that regard. Not interesting like two quarterback’s who threw for 5,000+ yards going head-to-head, but interesting in the fact that we have two unproven guys going at it. Moreover, these are two team that are not playoff tested. Not at all.

The Bengals don’t have a playoff win since 1990. On the other side, the Texans are making their first playoff appearance in their short history.

In a league all about offense. It’s actually a defense that is going to determine my pick.


Jerome Simpson TD Endzone Flip

One of the better entrances into the end zone, ever.