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Welcome To The Weekend!

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That’s La La, ‘Melo’s La La, on VH1 this week.


Luda’s Celebrity Basketball Game

A lot of musicians and ballers at Luda’s celeb hoops game.

Check Justin Bieber playing some 1 on 1 with CP3:


Welcome To The Weekend, Panda Jerk!

A little Anchorman quote to take us home for the weekend.

Check out Carmelo making a gangster face, while holding a panda bear. That’s truly baller. You know you made it when you have a cuddly panda on your lap and still have the balls to mean mug the camera.

I wonder if this is what ‘Melo dreamed about on the streets of Baltimore as a kid — one day I really hope to befriend a panda bear. It’s the dream of every young boy from the inner city.

Obviously, LeBron would never do this type of thing. Not now with his new heel role. Nike should hold a camp where LBJ dunks all over a panda’s face. Take notes, Nike. That’s how you sell kicks.