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UFC 141: Lesnar Vs. Overeem Fight Hype

A UFC PPV on a Friday? OK, I guess. Why? Well, last Saturday was Christmas Eve. This coming Saturday is New Year’s Eve. There was little choice if the UFC wanted to do a true “end of the year” show. It’s tradition — so they made it happen. So I’m not going to complain.

The UFC might be losing revenue due to the┬ácalendar, though. Fan are used to having these things on a Saturday night. Regardless, we’ve got fights tomorrow night.

I’ll take a gambling point of view for UFC 141. Shall we begin? We start with the “upset special” — and this is a good one, potentially.

Nam Phan vs. Jim Hettes

Nam Phan is a rather large -230 favorite. This means you can get Hettes at around +180. Phan only has 3 fights in the octagon. He is 1-2. His victory comes over Leonard Garcia, who also beat him in his UFC debut. I’m just not sure how this warrants a -230 number. Hettes, on the other hand, is 9-0 (1-0 in the UFC).

As more of a play against Phan, than one on Hettes, I would take the underdog here.


From The Bleachers 5.12.11

As the end of the week approaches, a pair of OWS contributors banter about some of the important (and not so important) news items of the week.

By the time this is posted, we will be well into Friday the 13th. Everyone hide under the bleachers until this passes.

…the NBA playoffs.

The usual suspects are out. I read that this is actually the first NBA Playoffs since 1998 that won’t feature Kobe, Tim Duncan, or Kazaam. Who are you rooting for? I want the Bulls because I assume Joakim Noah’s dad will perform during the victory parade through Chicago. Wait, I thought Yannick Noah was a tennis player, not a diver. Or maybe he’s just a diving enthusiast? Or his high school sweetheart died in a terrible armstand diving accident and this song is a tribute? And is he the same age as Joakim? My head’s spinning.

I like the Thunder and Heat. By ‘like’, I mean I would be interested in rooting for them. Yeah, I know, the Heat. It’s one of my character flaws — I don’t hate the Heat. My issue is if we get Thunder vs. Heat in the NBA Finals. Who do I root for? Regardless of the answer, that match-up does provide the classic “good versus evil” angle.

Welcome To 2011!

Today I am making the trip down to New York to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Before doing so, I took a look back at the year that was 2010.

It’s actually quite fun to look back at posts from a year ago.