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Jenn Sterger On Good Morning America Part Two

Here are my thoughts from yesterday.

Jenn Sterger On Good Morning America

GMA aired part one of their two-part interview with Jenn Sterger today. The only real revelation is that Sterger says she has never even met Brett Favre. Literally, that she has never even been introduced to him.

I’m hoping that part two on Wednesday morning gets a bit deeper into the actual dirt of the incident. That is probably the only way in which this incident starts to go away for Sterger.


From The Bleachers 12.30.10

As the end of the week approaches, a pair of OWS contributors banter about some of the important (and not so important) news items of the week. As a note; they almost postponed this post due to the snowstorm in the Northeast.

We call this “From the Bleachers”.

…if we’re finally done with Brett Favre.

I’m cautiously optimistic. Joe Webb’s (part of) the future for the Vikings; the NFL decided it doesn’t really care about his sending his junk portfolio to reporters; streak’s over; and he was bad enough this year that it’s unlikely someone’s going to try to coax him out of retirement. I think he’s finally taking his weird, swollen hand home to spend his golden years grazing in Hattiesburg with his wife, whom he apparently hates.

Reluctant to participate in the wussofication of America, I didn’t watch all the game. Once I started watching, much to my surprise, Joe Webb looked like an actual NFL quarterback. It was simply impossible not to root for Webb, even as I watched Andy Reid wipe-out the 15 weeks of perfect picks in my survivor pool. In the end, it’s finally time for Favre to take the gun away from the head of the Vikings franchise. Congrats ‘ Sota.