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I Liked The Moneyball Movie, Not Such A Fan Of The Moneyball Moviegoer

I had to go check out Moneyball last night. The Redskins – Cowboys field goal fest didn’t hold my attention. Even the Red Sox pending collapse gets tiresome at some point. Moneyball is one of the most talked about sports books of my adult life. When the book was published in 2003, I was a senior in high school. By the time it reached mythical status, I was a freshman in college. The Michael Lewis book was the official mainstreaming of the principles behind the Bill James Baseball Handbook.

This new thought process prompted me to purchase my first Bill James Handbook in 2005. I still have it on a shelf with some of the books from my college classes.

I’m not sure I grasped how big the idea of “moneyball” really was at the time. That said, there is no way I knew I was reading a hollywood script when I picked up the Bill James Handbook.


Welcome To The Weekend!

Moneyball is getting fantastic reviews. Like, really good.

I’d give anything to hear the conversation between the guys and girls on dates to this movie this weekend.


I Want To See Moneyball, I Admit It

Steven Soderbergh and Brad Pitt attached to a Moneyball movie. Who would have thought that a eight years ago?

Even as recently as two summers ago it seemed this movie might not happen. It was June 2009 when Sony decided to ax production of the Moneyball movie. A story of a general manager’s attempt to put together a baseball team on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft players. Sexy, right? How could that not work in Hollywood?

Well, there was skepticism from Hollywood believe it or not. Sony’s Columbia Pictures eventually got back on board with the project. With an estimated budget of $50 million, this is no small-scale production. It is truly a big-screen adaptation.

Get your calculators ready, nerds. The trailer is below.