boston celtics

LeBron Buckles Down, Forces A Game 7

Apparently there has not been a game seven conference final game since 2005. When Mike Breen brought this up last night, Van Gundy wasn’t feeling it. “So compelling,” Jeff sarcastically said.

It actually is, though. In a world where many people believe the NBA to be a bit of a “show” as opposed to a true competitive game, I wouldn’t have thought that it’d be 6 years since the last conference final game seven.

We’ve been waiting for James to have that defining game. Last night Bron Bron strapped in for a superstar performance.


The Lin Economy Reaches Outside New York City

I booted up my Stub Hub Android app earlier. I found the tickets for the Knicks trip to the TD Garden to be insanely priced…

…Or should I say “Linsanely” priced. Yes, it appears the secondary ticket market is feeling the Linsanity, too.


Vegas’ NBA Championship Odds 2011-12

It’s now that time. The NBA is almost back — so how can we lose money this season? We can start with the most common question of the early season.

Who is the favorite to be peeing with the NBA Finals trophy come (late) June? Well, according to the MGM Mirage, Miami is a 2-to-1 favorite to win the NBA title for the 2011-12 season.

The Heat are followed by the Lakers at 9-to-2 and the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder at 5-to-1. The Lakers have the 4th best odds at 7-to-1, and are tie with the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder for that honor.