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Boston Sports Injuries; Garnett, Brady, Neely, Buchholz?

The screen grab from The Boston Globe’s Boston.com shows an image with Kevin Garnett, Tom Brady, Cam Neely and Clay Buchholz. Buchholz? The Garnett, Brady and Neely injuries are monumental moments in Boston sports history. The obvious connotation that can be taken from this image is that Buchholz’s injury is on this same level.

Buchholz’s lingering back injury may do the Red Sox in come September. I can’t deny that. However, Brady’s injury was the brick wall in the way of another Patriots run to the Super Bowl. Garnett’s injury derailed the start of what looked like a potential mini-dynasty for the Celtics. The Neely injury has created one of the most iconic athletes in Boston.


Bruins $156,000 Foxwoods Bill Wasn’t So Impressive

We have all heard about the Bruins $156k night out at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. We’ve even seen a picture of the bill. Most everything that can be said, has been. Of course, that won’t stop me. I think I have some unique perspective.

First, Shrine at Foxwoods is extremely mediocre. Of course, I bet things get a whole lot better when you are the Bruins and you show up there. Second, spending over $150k doesn’t hurt the experience. These two characteristics might be the only way to make Shrine halfway decent.

As far as the actual bill goes, take a look at this…


Jeremy Jacobs Destroyed Cam Neely At Bruins Victory Parade

Only Jeremy Jacobs could ruin a Bruins Stanley Cup Championship parade.