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Boise State Moves On Without AD Gene Bleymaier

Boise State has only had a division 1A football program for less than two decades. During that time, the team has appeared in 11 bowl games, winning 7 of those bowls. The school’s prominent rise, and blue field turf, even inspired a B-level Spike TV comedy series.

Although Blue Mountain State is doing well enough that season 3 of Blue Mountain State debuts one week from tonight, all the news is not good surrounding blue-themed football teams. This week the Boise State program was found guilty of major rules infractions. Although many of the charges pertain to sports other than football, Coach Petersen’s program did get smacked with some recruiting violations.

The 70+ page report issued by the NCAA includes this football-specific recruiting violation:


James Madison Takes Boise State Out Of BCS Championship Hunt

It’s only two games into the season. However, the Hokies have already destroyed two teams BCS championship hopes. First, of course, their own. Second, the hopes of Boise State.

On Saturday, VA Tech crapped the bed against James Madison in Blacksburg.

This clearly shows how Boise State’s win against Virginia Tech certainly does not make them national championship game bound. They still have work to do.

The problem; in which games can they prove their worth?


The Pac-10 Looking To Expand

The Pac-10 still has the same number in it’s name as  the number of teams that call it home. This is not always the case. For example, the Big Ten has moved to 11 teams and the Atlantic 10 to 14. Yesterday there was some talk of things changing out west.

Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott said Tuesday, “A Pac-10 network was something that we were going to seriously explore.” This is what is behind the talk about the Pac-10 possibly expanding to 12 teams. The timing is right for the conference to at least look into their options. It’s all about the money. The conference’s TV deals expire soon. I know that their contract with Fox Sports Net is set to expire after the 2011-2012 seasons.

The new benchmark for major BCS conferences has to be the SEC’s $2+ billion, 15-year contract with ESPN. Compare that to the Pac-10 TV deals which made about $43 million last year. (more…)