bill buckner

Calamity In Boston As Red Sox Complete Collapse

Although I missed the first pitch, I tuned in to the Red Sox game in the early innings last night. I wasn’t about to miss this must see sports TV. Maybe the most important thing I saw when I tuned in was the score to another game altogether. The Yankees, behind a Teixeira grand slam, had taken a 7 – 0 lead. At the time, the Red Sox were winning 3 – 2. It looked like there would be no one-game playoff.

I was bummed. As I alluded to yesterday, I wanted the most drama possible. It seemed as if September 28th, and the night of the 162nd games of the season, would not cooperate.

Then something happened. The rain began to fall at Camden Yards in the middle of the seventh inning. It was coming down hard, too. It caused what would end up being a rain delay of 1 hour, 26 minutes.

I couldn’t help but think that things are really going the Red Sox way now. They were in the middle of a pitching change at the time. This meant they would not lose a pitcher due to the delay if play did resume.

In the midst of that delay I decided to tweet this.