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Growing Athletic Department Budgets

I know what you are thinking — who is that man hugging Joakim? That is University of Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley. He is an important guy. The headman at one of the biggest and best athletic departments in the nation.

I have expressed my opinion that a well run athletics program can really help a college or university. We have seen this in a number of example including the case of George Mason.

A New York Times article from yesterday deals with the subject of athletic departmental budgets. However, the main point is that the “big-time” college football mentality has recently even “bled into smaller sports”.

The athletic budget for the University of Florida is nearly $100M. That is a ridiculously large number, but who can say that it is too much?


Athletics Can Benefit Universities; Case Study, George Mason

I have stated before, a number of times actually, that collegiate athletics can really pay dividends to a university as a whole. I have also reported on others viewpoints regarding the subject. This includes one of the more famous incidents when Ken Krayeske accosted Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun regarding his salary.

Unfortunately, what Krayeske and others fail to register is just how much value a successful basketball and/or football program brings to a university.

The latest case in point is George Mason University. (more…)