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AOL Negatively Influences FanHouse And Sporting News Website Content

I’m thinking that AOL might be able to add a couple more notches in their belt. You know, the one where they mark all the websites and business they have driven into the ground. This one has been a long and drawn out process.

AOL FanHouse used to be a great blend of professional-level writers and the popular blog-style format. AOL wasn’t satisfied though.

The news site looked very slick, but the simple functionality was not longer present.


Steve Phillips Hired By AOL FanHouse

Yesterday it was announced that Steve Phillips, the former New York Mets’ general manager and ESPN analyst, is joining FanHouse as an MLB analyst.

You might recall back in October 2009 when Phillips got in some hot water and was ultimately let go by ESPN. No more than 6 months later it appears Phillips has landed on his feet over at FanHouse. (more…)

Welcome to the Weekend: Batmobile Edition

How in the crap do you build a Batmobile?! Apparently you start with a 1970 Lincoln Continental. Add in about $1 million in cold hard cash and you too can live the life of the Batman.

[via Jalopnik]

Got some actual sports stuff after the jump–college football games and all… (more…)