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OWS Throwback: Largest Athlete Endorsement Deals In 2000

It was announced this week that David Beckham made $17 million in endorsements while playing for the LA Galaxy this past year. It seems like a tremendous amount to pay an athlete who is in a sport that no American’s are watching.

I decided to look back and see what endorsements looked like 10 years ago.

foreman-grillIn December of 1999 George Foreman signed a deal with a company called Salton. No one knew who Salton was but they were about to get the rights to the Foreman Grill. Foreman himself stood to make $137.5 million over five years as the spokesman. Little known fact; Salton wanted Hulk Hogan to originally but Hogan turned the idea down! Whoopsies! (more…)

Allen Iverson And His Agent, God, Head To Memphis


Apparently God did not attend the meeting with ownership.

Allen Iverson Cuts Hair

I know it is not a very big deal but there has been a buzz created by Allen Iverson at the All Star game.  AI has cut the dreads and has seemed to lose 8 years in the process.  It reminds me of the old days when he was in a 76ers uniform crossing over Michael Jordan.  Here is the photo by getty images via Yahoo! Sports.



Enjoy the All Star Game, god knows there are no sports worth watching right now.