Welcome To The Euro 2012! It’s Soccer!

FIFA’s new world rankings came out just a couple days in advance of the EURO. Here are the top ten:

1 Spain 1456 0 Equal
2 Uruguay 1292 1 Up
3 Germany 1288 -1 Down
4 Netherlands 1234 0 Equal
5 Brazil 1155 1 Up
6 England 1145 1 Up
7 Argentina 1137 2 Up
8 Croatia 1053 0 Equal
9 Denmark 1019 1 Up
10 Portugal 996 -5 Down

What’s falling faster Portugal’s soccer team or their economy? Zing!


The English Premeir League’s Best Season Ever, Apparently

After the match Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini said, “To win like this is incredible. I think I have never seen a finale like this.”

Yesterday, for the first time in 44 years, Manchester City won the English Premier League title. What does that really mean to me? Not a whole lot. But, as I watched Manchester City play QPR yesterday afternoon, it was the way they won that grabbed me. Man City had to score not once but twice in stoppage time to pull the title from the hands of their rival club Manchester United.

EPL soccer in itself is an incredible spectacle. The massive stadiums filled with some of the most passionate fans in the world. When all goes correctly, the game can truly be “the beautiful game” that we hear about.


Anyone Want To Play FIFA?


Yellow card? Red card? Gay card?