Sports that Will Never be Part of the Olympics

The Olympics Games is the most popular sports contest in the world. Young athletes representing their country come together every four years to compete in many events that test their skill and endurance. It is important to note that Olympic delegates are the best in their fields, having to go through numerous competitions to make sure only the best are left to fight for their honor and country in the world arena.

Most people know what this competition is all about, including the games or events that are held. The Summer Olympics includes swimming, biking, volleyball, athletics, boxing, archery, among others. The Winter games include figure skating, curling, skiing, and many more. Every now and then, there are sports that are added, and there are those that are discontinued. Some games gain instant popularity and the Olympic committee takes notice, others lack participation and they will not be included in the next games.

The International Olympics Committee has certain standards when it comes to including a sport in the games. These standards are – it has to be recognized, it follows the Olympic charter by having an international federation, it has some world championships, it has drug-free players, and it must be played all over the world.

Here are some popular sports that will never be included in the Olympic program:

Bicycle Polo

The name itself tells what the sport is all about, a combination of polo and biking. Polo or horse hockey has been around for centuries and it is generally viewed as a game for the rich and skilled. To make it more accessible, some enthusiasts came up with the idea of using a bicycle instead of a horse. Hence bicycle polo was born. It may have its own world championship but it will not reach Olympic level because the sport has to be played in at least most parts of the world.

Chess Boxing

Another hybrid sport, this combines boxing and chess, and the rounds are alternating. The two games need no introduction. It may be popular in Europe but just like bicycle polo, chess boxing has to have a world championship and must be played in most countries. It may be rising in popularity but it needs to be played in the majority of countries.

Hotdog Eating Contest

This sport is rising in popularity in the United States. Just like other eating contests, the one who is able to eat the most hotdog sandwiches is the winner. The most popular national contest is held in Brooklyn, New York in a restaurant called Nathan’s. The competition has been held every year since 1972 in the same place. A hotdog eating competition might never be included in the Olympics because it does not meet the criteria mentioned earlier. And, for one very obvious reason: eating as many hotdogs as you can do not promote a sound body in any way.


It does not take a genius to conclude that bingo is a popular game all over the world. Whether it is played in bingo hall or on bingo sites or even playing mobile bingo, this numbers and letters game is prevalent. It also has world championships. The problem is that there is no world bingo federation, no drug laws, and no recognition from the Olympic committee. Probably the biggest reason is that money is involved. Bingo requires some wager like cold cash, tokens, and bank deposits among others. This is definitely not a sport that promotes a sound mind or improves international relations. It would not matter if players use cash or credit, or new bingo sites that accept ukash; bingo is simply an amusement. It cannot even be categorized as a sport.


Welcome To The 2012 Summer Olympics!

I’ve been thinking about how I’d cover the Olympics. Short answer? I won’t be, really.

In general, the Olympics are one of those events in which the build-up is often better than the actual product. It’s a spectacle. That point is proven when you hear people talking about how the opening ceremony is one of the best parts of the games. The other day I was speaking to someone about the upcoming games in London. The conversation quickly shirted to the previous games in Beijing. The specific topic? That oh so fantastic opening ceremony. If one of the highlights is the athletes standing around for 4 hours, I’d just assume turn the baseball game on — same thing really.

The Olympics are like a WrestleMania pay-per-view. The hype (see: storylines) generally top the games (see: matches).

What does Vince McMahon do when he realizes the in-match product is lacking? He adds some lovely ladies to the mix. The Olympics have the same thing going for ’em.

That’s where athletes like Michelle Jenneke come into play.


Olympic TV Rights Bidding Underway

Before Dick Ebersol’s departure from NBC Sports, we could all just assume that the Olympics would end-up landing with NBC once again in 2014 and 2016. However, this doesn’t seem like such a foregone conclusion now.

The IOC has said it expects the rights to the 2014 and 2016 Olympics to attract bids of at least $2 billion. Is this correct though? In Vancouver NBC suffered a $220 million loss this last go around.