GoPro: Game 7 Through The Eyes Of A LA Kings Fan

NHL Cancels All Games Through November 30th.


The NHL cancelled all games through November 30th today as the lockout continues. At this point, I don’t see a season. I can forgive everyone  if we get to a shortened season but I don’t see how that is going to be possible. Neither side seems like it is going to give any more. Should we lose ANOTHER entire season, I see me becoming more of a casual fan at that point. Kind of sad really.

The Puck Was Supposed To Drop Tonight

The one thing you will learn about me very quickly is that I might be one of the biggest hockey fans you will ever meet. Well, I’d like you to learn that quickly but there is no hockey to talk about so how could you possibly read what I have to say about hockey, other than this post?

The puck was supposed to drop today on the 2012/2013 hockey season but once again, our arenas are dark and we sit in the corner waiting, wondering if hockey will make an appearance in the coming months. Yes, the players union and the owners are talking but nothing comes of it. Meanwhile, some of our superstars are over in Europe and every day I go online in hopes that I don’t hear about one of them suffering a crippling injury that would jeopardize their NHL season, should there actually ever be an NHL season.