Betting tips on who will score the most touchdowns this season in the NFL

Outside of the common types of NFL sports bets – such as which teams will win the AFC and NFC leagues and the Super Bowl itself, another popular way of betting on the NFL is a prop (or proposition) bet. There are all kinds of prop bets available for the NFL, like betting on who will score the first touchdown in a particular match (often the Super Bowl), and who will make the most passes leading to touchdowns, to which team will be the first to score in particular match – but one of the less common ones is betting on who will score the most touchdowns over the season.
Indeed many sports betting sites don’t offer this as an NFL prop bet, and there are reasons why it can be a difficult thing to bet – with the primary one being that there are so many factors that can affect it over the course of the season, from injuries to players to the overall performance of the team (and thus how far into the season they progress). A tip for those considering putting a bet on this would be to think instead about betting on the player who will score the most touchdowns over the course of a single big match instead – for example the Super Bowl itself.
Another alternative would be to play an NFL themed slots game like $5 Million Touchdown at an online casino. If you think that a mere slots game cannot possibly be as potentially lucrative as a well-placed prop bet, then consider that the name of $5 Million Touchdown derives from the size of the maximum jackpot on offer. Furthermore, if you are also of the belief that casino games like slots have no real connection with the NFL, then consider the reel icons shaped like footballs, players and whistles, plus the bonus game where you have to pass the ball from one player to another, gaining bonus credits, until you score a touchdown.

Super Bowl Gambling: Joe Flacco

Who is ready for more Super Bowl 47 odds? Earlier we talked Super Bowl MVP odds. Now I want to concentrate on Joe Flacco specific prop bets. There are a ton of different bets that have to do with touchdowns, of course. Here are some of my favorites.

First, I want to talk about Joe Flacco.

Total TD Passes – Joe Flacco (BAL)

1 Touchdown (+175)

2 Touchdowns (+250)

3 Touchdowns (+450)

Placing a smaller wager on both 1 TD and 2 TDS may be a sound way to play this one.

Next up; lets look at yardage.

Longest Completion – Joe Flacco (BAL)

Over(-125)/under(-105) – 40.5 yards

The Ravens have been known to throw the deep ball. In fact, they throw it a lot. I love the over here. Sticking with this idea, shall we talk overall yardage output?

Total Passing Yards – Joe Flacco (BAL) 

Over(-135)/under(+105) – 250.5 yards

Now, as I said the Ravens will throw and throw again. However, the Niners are a stout defense. I’d take the odds here and go under at +105.

You might have a gambling problem if you bet on this next one.

Joe Flacco (BAL) First pass of the game will be? 

Complete (-175)

Incomplete (+155)

Interception (+1200)

That said, I may have a gambling problem so I will take the +155 odds on an incomplete pass.

Super Bowl Gambling: MVP Odds

I know we have been a bit slow here at OWS. What better time to stoke-up the ole OWS machine but for the Super Bowl! The first thing that the Super Bowl congeries up in my mind — gambling, of course. Lets start with the Super Bowl MVP odds. The favorites are obviously the quarterbacks – even with these two particularly unproven QBs. Colin Kaepernick is 8/5 while Joe Flacco is 11/4.

You need to pick an MVP candidate on the team you believe will win. Or you can hedge and bet on one Niner and one Raven. That might be the way to go with this type of prob bet.

That said, it’s fun to think a little outside the box with these.

Ray Lewis is the best way to play this. If Baltimore wins and he has more than 6 tackles, assuming Flacco has an average game, how can Ray-Ray not win it? Currently Ray Lewis gets you 7/1 on your investment.

On the San Francisco side, I’ve got two. First, Vernon Davis. He has been in full beast more thus far in the 2013 playoffs. Currently he is 18/1. Next, Michael Crabtree. He’s the type of player that can rise up for a big moment like Super Bowl 47. Crabtree is currently 14/1.

Here is the full list of Super Bowl MVP odds; Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB 8/5 Joe Flacco (BAL) QB 11/4 Frank Gore (SF) RB 7/1 Ray Lewis (BAL) LB 7/1 Ray Rice (BAL) RB 12/1 Michael Crabtree (SF) WR 14/1 Anquan Boldin (BAL) WR 16/1 Vernon Davis (SF) TE 18/1 Torrey Smith (BAL) WR 20/1 Ed Reed (BAL) FS 33/1 Patrick Willis (SF) LB 40/1 Aldon Smith (SF) LB 50/1 Dennis Pitta (BAL) TE 50/1 Randy Moss (SF) WR 50/1 Terrell Suggs (BAL) LB 50/1 Dashon Goldson (SF) FS 66/1 David Akers (SF) K 66/1 LaMichael James (SF) RB 66/1 NaVorro Bowman (SF) LB 66/1 Alex Smith (SF) QB 75/1 Bernard Pierce (BAL) RB 75/1 Bernard Pollard (BAL) S 75/1 Justin Tucker (BAL) K 75/1 Ted Ginn Jr. (SF) WR 75/1 Delanie Walker (SF) TE 100/1 Field 25/1.