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Burying Joe Paterno And The Penn State Scandal

If there is a hell, that is where Joe Paterno currently resides.

Joe Paterno facilitated the repeated sexual abuse of young boys. Fact. In fact, Paterno knew since at least 1998. The skeletons uncovered in Happy Valley over the past year will be what that university is associated with for decades to come. Pennsylvania State University will never quite be the same.  Not to us outsiders, at least.

Today the Paterno family released a statement. It closed with this:

“It can be argued that Joe Paterno should have gone further. He should have pushed his superiors to see that they were doing their jobs. We accept this criticism. At the same time, Joe Paterno and everyone else knew that Sandusky had been repeatedly investigated by authorities who approved his multiple adoptions and foster children. Joe Paterno mistakenly believed that investigators, law enforcement officials, University leaders and others would properly and fully investigate any issue and proceed as the facts dictated. This didn’t happen and everyone shares the responsibility.”

That’s a decent acknowledgement that Paterno did not do the right thing year after year. After year. After year. Good for the family, too. That’s certainly tough for of them to admit. Sadly, this is much more than many members of the Penn State community will admit.


Big East Commish Resigns, Conference Still Very Much In Flux

Big East commissioner John Marinatto stepped down today. It’s only the latest step in the process of the Big East slowly becoming less and less relevant. Although it seems everything in the conference is changing, somethings have remained the same.

The year was 2003. After losing Boston College, Virginia Tech and Miami to the ACC, the Big East raided Conference USA to nab Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, Marquette and DePaul. Now the Big East will lose West Virginia, Syracuse and Pittsburgh and couldn’t even get TCU on the plane to the east coast.

In order to dull the pain, the Big East has extended it’s reach far and wide to get new schools into the fold. First it was Boise State and San Diego State in an attempt to boost a floundering football league. Then the conference grabbed Central Florida, Houston, SMU, Navy, Memphis and Temple.

So where does all this movement put the Big East in the BCS hierarchy?


Former LSU Soccer Player Mo Isom Trying Out For Football Role

This young lady wants to be the next LSU football player. Yes, Mo Isom is trying out to be a kicker for the LSU Tigers.

If she makes the team, she won’t be the first women to kick in an major collegiate football game. In 2003, Katie Hnida became the first woman to kick for an NCAA Division I-A football team. She kicked in one regular season game and in the Las Vegas Bowl as part of the University of New Mexico program.

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