NCAA Football

The Perfect Plus-One Game Scenario

Last night the Alabama Crimson Tide rolled over the LSU Tigers. It was a battle of two great defenses. The Tide’s D did not budge. They allowed the Tigers to break the 50 yard line just one. The Tigers couldn’t even muster a single-point. The game is being called “ugly” and even “boring” by the pundits.

I beg to differ.

One team played ugly last night — the LSU Tigers. The Crimson Tide of Alabama played a masterful defensive game, and a serviceable offensive one.

I am no college football historian. But, I can give a good eye test. The Tide’s defense might be one of the best in recent memory. The only thing that made last night’s game lackluster in any fashion was the one-sided nature of the contest. It was not the defensive-oriented approach that contributed to any boredom on my part. That, in fact, was refreshing, if anything.

Rich Eisen tends to agree with me. He tweeted this last night:


Paterno Donated $100k To Penn State AFTER Being Fired; A Well Constructed Publicity Stunt?

Paterno and his wife, Sue, donated about $100,000 to the Penn State just weeks after the university gave ole JoePa the boot. The donation was split evenly between the Paterno Library and the Paterno Fellows Program.

That is a tremendously generous gift from the Paterno’s to the state university. This is a great act by Joe Paterno and his wife. We should all applaud him for that.

The thing is — I’d imagine that”s exactly the reaction he was looking to invoke. This is a massive public relations power move.


Stanford Will Be Fine, The Big Ten Might Not

Those games yesterday were nothing short of a blast. Sure they don’t really mean anything under the current lovely BCS system, but still. A few overtimes, a couple other one score games and some high-scoring affairs — yesterday was all it could have been.

I can’t call myself a big time college football fan. Really, no one born and raised in the Northeast can. It’s just not quite in our DNA, no matter how big a sports fan we are. That being said, I’ve made strides towards becoming a bigger fan. Yesterday was a good example, I think.

I did nothing but sit at home and watch college football. That’s what New Year’s Day (or in this case the day after New Year’s Day) is for. Big deal, I know. Everyone was watching. True, but I literally paid attention for the vast majority of 12 hours. I wasn’t at a bar quasi-watching. I was in front of the TV with my eyes on nearly every play. The Penn State – Houston game (if we can call it that) kicked off at noon, and the Fiesta Bowl didn’t end up going off the air until well after 12:30 AM ET.

So, maybe the festivities of two nights prior played a roll in my less than reproductive Monday. Still, I couldn’t be pealed away to take a nap, go out to get food, do errands, nothing. I’m not on the level of this Harry Potter-looking Stanford fan above, but I’m on my way. The thing that makes Stanford’s loss last night OK is the fact that I assume 2/3’s of the Palo Alto campus is just finding out about it this morning.

While OK State fans were tailgating in the parking lot of University of Phoenix stadium, these Stanford ladies were enthralled with their virtual reality books: