Three Impact Players Who Could Be On The Move In-Season

Guest Post by Sam Stevens

The NBA regular season hasn’t even started yet, so it may be a little bit too early for people to look at possible trades. However, teams are always tinkering with their lineups in order to set things up just the right way. Based on contract situations and current team set ups, here is a look at 3 guys most likely to be traded who could make a pretty big impact.

Rajon Rondo

An injured hand is going to keep the point guard for the Boston Celtics out for about 2 months, but that will not stop the trade talks one bit. He is the most talented point guard available during the season, and it seems like it is only a matter of time before he is moved. The hardest part is finding a team willing to give up enough to land the talented point guard in the middle of his prime.

Some teams are scared off by Rondo’s questionable attitude and lack of shooting outside, but when he is playing for a contender, he is about as tough as they come at point guard. He is able to put up strong numbers in fantasy basketball as well, and he has a winner’s mentality that could push a contender over the edge.

Josh Smith

At some point this season, probably very early, Josh Smith is going to get on the nerves of new head coach Stan Van Gundy. The Detroit Pistons are trying to mold the team to his liking, and that probably does not leave much room for an athletic forward who can’t really shoot. In the right system, Smith can excel in fantasy basketball and add value to a team. He is not going to command as much attention as Rondo, but his skill set is enticing to say the least.

Nikola Pekovic

There are some people who view Nikola Pekovic as the most underrated player in the NBA right now. He has been a very productive player in fantasy basketball, and he is one of those rare true centers in the NBA who is not afraid to do the dirty work. However, he is limited a little bit, and that scares off some contending teams who would like to have him. It makes sense for Oklahoma City or another team like that to go after him, since they already have Serge Ibaka to handle the athletic portion of the game that Pekovic is lacking. Minnesota’s in rebuilding mode, so a trade is likely imminent.