A Look At The NFL’s Top Rushers

The NFL season is almost underway, and that of course has kicked off preseason speculation of all kinds. Will Peyton Manning’s new receiving corps be unstoppable? Will Percy Harvin push the Seahawks over the edge? Will Colin Kaepernick be able to provide an encore for his stellar 2013 debut? These are just a few of the questions being asked everywhere from Yahoo! Sports to your very own Man Cave.

One of the most intriguing questions heading into every NFL season is which running backs will lead the charge in yardage and touchdowns. For the most part, this particular question is a big deal because RBs drive fantasy teams! Nevertheless, a team with a good runner stands a chance to compete. So here’s a look at how the runners stack up according the the Betfair sports betting projections.

It will certainly come as no surprise that Adrian Peterson is projected to have the best season out of the running backs. Betfair projects him with 9/4 odds – easily the strongest of all runners – to lead the league in yardage, and given that we almost saw Peterson break the single season rushing record coming off of an ACL injury last season, the projection is easy to understand. It’s a no brainer that Peterson will have a monstrous season.

Alfred Morris comes in with the second best odds to lead the league in rushing, at 11/2. Morris had an outrageous rookie campaign, and with questions about RGIII’s usage in Washington in the early weeks, Morris should handle even more of the offensive load.

Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch (6/1), Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles (6/1), and Tampa Bay’s Doug Martin (7/1) sit behind Peterson and Morris. Lynch is a proven stud who’s only getting better and playing for a juggernaut team. Meanwhile, Charles has always been good, and with Andy Reid calling the shots in KC his yardage could see a significant boost. Martin is an absolute stud, capable of running with power and breaking big plays, and showed glimpses of potential that could see him become the league’s best runner in a few years.

Of course, the reality is we never know exactly what to expect. Injuries are always a concern, and certain teams will inevitably be weaker on offense than expected. Baltimore’s Ray Rice, Cleveland’s Trent Richardson, and even Buffalo’s C.J. Spiller could all sneak into the conversation for the yardage crown, and even dark horses like Green Bay rookie Eddie Lacy could make some waves. The bottom line is, the NFL’s running backs are extremely deep and extremely talented. Be sure to renew your NFL Sunday Ticket to catch all the action as the season kicks off in a few weeks!