The USGA’s Online Coverage Of The US Open Is Great

Phil Mickelson hasn’t been playing well. This afternoon his play has only worsened. It’s been a rough day. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the USGA’s online video for this US Open event. It’s crisp.

The video actually streams with good quality. Is it Hi-Def? No, but that’s not the goal at this point.

Beyond the actual video, the presentation is quite good. You can easily pull down a leaderboard overlay at your own convenience. You can also give your self a mini instant replay via the open circle (refreshing-looking) button next to the pause control. It’s a very neat feature. When you are done using it, you need only click the live button and you are back on par with the live broadcast.

Other sports entities could take a major lesson from the USGA and ESPN. The presentation of the US Open’s online video is pleasant and easy to use. It’s a refreshing experience, and one I’d hope to have more often as bandwidth and streaming technology continues to improve.

The king of streaming video is obviously still Google’s YouTube.

YouTube finally figured out how to better buffer its steaming videos. Here’s a grab of a Metallica video, because why not…

YouTube recently revised it’s buffering so it only goes a certain amount where you currently are in the video’s playback. This better distributes YouTube’s internal bandwidth resources to those users who need it at that very moment. I really don’t know the technical specs behind this apparent change. I have no idea at all, really. However, this improvement seams to be providing a better quality video especially when it comes to buffering.

It was about fucking time, YouTube.


I brought up Phil before for a few reasons. First, the rough to crisp reference. You like that? Second, in recent years, it’s rare to see Phil start this slowly at a major. Lastly, because I felt Michelson was due, I almost wagered a bet on him. I’m glad I dodged that one.

I couldn’t completely avoid the itch to bet on the event, though.

I went with another prop bet. I took -130 odds that an American would win the tournament.

Currently Branden Grace, a South African, is in the lead. Of course. On Wednesday night you could have got +1600 odds that a South African would win. Of course!

There’s a long way to go, but fuck South Africa. And go America.