Former LSU Soccer Player Mo Isom Trying Out For Football Role

This young lady wants to be the next LSU football player. Yes, Mo Isom is trying out to be a kicker for the LSU Tigers.

If she makes the team, she won’t be the first women to kick in an major collegiate football game. In 2003, Katie Hnida became the first woman to kick for an NCAA Division I-A football team. She kicked in one regular season game and in the Las Vegas Bowl as part of the University of New Mexico program.

More Mo Isom after the jump.

Isom has been doing some “Mo Versus” videos for the LSU YouTube page.


She’s a media star already, apparently. This LSU football tryout will only push that to the next level.

Beyond the funny¬†vignettes, she also has a more serious side represented on YouTube. Here’s a profile on Iso, as well. It’ll make you want to route for her that much more.

This will be an amazing story. I’m routing for Mo to make the team.

  • Bored

    Very beautiful athlete. Realistically, there's no way in hell LSU would EVER allow a woman to play in a game. Make the roster, sure. Play, no. That team is a legit NFL factory and alumni would have a fit if that were to happen.